Examples of processes that can be automated

Call center

Activity sales team


Reports and analyzes business


Marketing & Geomarketing

Management contact base

Customer file

Mail Management

Portal and Intranet

Post-sale support

Document management

Sales opportunities

Workflows and notifications

Mobile Applications

Call center

Call appointments

Schedule your calls as data recording and view them in calendar.

Automatic Linking

Linking automatically the call note to the person who calls or is called.

Call records

Generate calls and missed calls.

Automatic data updating

Automatic update of key data in the system, such as the waiting call or the beginning, the end and duration of the call.

Caller information

Displaying the relevant information about the caller before answering the phone.

Speed Dial

Speed dialing directly from the contact screen.

Phone Id

Identification of incoming calls by name and address and automatically opening the window of address or telephone reminders.

Activity sales team


Prioritize tasks as A, B or C, depending on their importance.

Notification service

Notifying at newly created tasks or at receipt of a delegated task. The notification shortly before the expiry of recurring appointments, new meetings or change of existing ones; notice where appointments are deleted.


Create tasks for other colleagues to follow.

Alert function

Automatic alerts for task terms.


Centralized management of all tasks in progress or completed, classified as single, repetitive or team tasks. Display current tasks in calendar.

Planning diagram

Program overview in bar form, on multiple working days, such as: business trips, fairs or festivals.

Delegating meetings

Create appointments for third parties.

Search for time windows

Find free time slots for one or more participants, considering the time, place, duration, resources and possible overlaps.

Overlap alerts

Issues an overlapping warning if a meeting is already established or double allocates resources such as projection equipment or a laptop.

Reminder function

Personalized reminders for relevant participants

Notification service

Personalized reminders for relevant participants.

Recurring appointments

Viewing appointments of third parties without being included. This requires proper admin rights. Displaying multiple users in one calendar to provide a fast overview of employee’s availability.

View shared calendar

Viewing appointments of third parties without being included. This requires proper admin rights. Displaying multiple users in one calendar to provide a fast overview of employee’s availability.

Public or private meetings

Mark private or public meetings (i.e. access to all colleagues).

Task list

Easily create and schedule task lists. 

Creating meetings

Easily create and schedule meetings directly in calendar and automatically include relevant participants.

Resource Calendar

Personalized and confidential calendar.

Team Calendar

Personalized and confidential calendar.

Personal Calendar

Personalized and confidential calendar.


Project control

The evaluation of all records, expenses and third-party services, cross-checked with budget planning.

Resource Planning

Planning of employees effort, management capability and overview on workload and availability.

Budget planning

Overview of the budget based on individual budgets aggregation, costs and project-related sales.

Customized project plans

Create project plans for customer projects,  product development,prepare for fairs and not only, with predecessor - successor correspondence, assign responsibilities and material resources.

Status overview

The overview of pending, critical or in progress projects, and global status indication based on a three lights code (green, yellow, red.

Project overview

Structured overview of all project data, such as: meetings, tasks, documents, call logs.

Reports and business analyses

Pivot table reports

Complex reports presentation, multidimensional pivot tables.

Automatic send

Scheduled send, including automatic send of weekly report on Friday at a defined group.

Reporting intervals

Scheduled reports at predetermined intervals.


Report preview for verification and correction, if necessary.

Templates and display formats

Creating context-specific templates. Easy to use visualization formats for reports, including in the form of tables, graphs and charts.

Data export

Various options to export data results in order to continue the evaluation the process or to display them in third-party applications such as: Microsoft Access or Business Intelligence tools.

Project Dashboard

Project related and clearly structured filtered data display such as: numbers, customer complaints or installed products.

Customer Dashboard

Structured display of customer-specific filtered or deployed data (e.g. Turnover, customer complaints).

Creating reports in predefined time intervals

Create reports based on existing templates in predefined intervals with automatic sending function.

Report viewing

Show key figures in tables where values can be grouped multidimensional or in chart graphs.

Data grouping

Interactive data grouping in list view.

Data export in text format

Data export as CSV or XLS file to support further processing of data with third party applications.

View company dashboard

Define dashboard views at company-level to provide a clear picture of important data.

Default report templates

Access to a report template for a clear overview of key data in PDF format.



Event planning – organizing invitations and evaluating. Restrictions on the number of participants, registration by custom e-mail and authentication link.

Marketing & Geomarketing


Presentation of all types of data records, for example, all sales opportunities in progress presented as heat map.


Evaluation of e-mail campaigns based on allocated marketing budget, to measure their success.

Budget Planning

Prepare a budget for each campaign. Record action costs and mobilized media resources.

Follow -up campaigns

Support in conducting follow -up campaigns dependent on the initial response from the customer.

Customer response documentation

Documenting the customer response received during the calling campaign and recording data directly in the log window.

Several stages campaigns

Manages, execute and evaluate multi-stage campaigns through various channels of communication using graphic campaign designer.

E-mail and newsletters campaigns

Interface with Inxmail for marketing; strong mail with assessment reports options for follow- up campaigns.

Communication Patterns

Use predefined or customized templates for mass communication.

Customized communication for e-mail campaigns

HTML templates and custom communications campaign wizard via e -mail, letter, fax and telephone.

Allowed and preferred contact method

Automatic compliance with permitted and preferred communication method before making contact / sending mail, to comply with data protection rules.

List of the target group selection and distribution

Combine specific target groups in lists based on central database and applying extended search functions filtering.

Mail Management

Mapping and routing

Post a company, a shipping address or a private address on a map and plan your route.


Link companies through parent / subsidiary relations in order to provide a graphical view of the of the corporate group structure.

Check duplicates

Automatic checking of duplicate addresses when you enter and edit a data record.

Integration with social media

Contact data integration from social media pages including Facebook, Xing, Twitter and blogs, in accordance with data protection laws.

Autocomplete addresses

Autocomplete of address in data fields, e.g. autocompleting the city or sector after zip code introduction.

Contact wizard

Copy and intelligently adding addresses from e-mail, websites and documents signatures.

Data entry assistance

Operation assistance based on predefined settings.

Contacts classification

Customized classification options that include categories of types A / B / C or customer, lead, partner or supplier. Also other criteria.

Assigning contacts

Easily assign contacts to a company with the possibility to transfer contacts from company A to company B, if the person changes working place.

Centralized contacts management

All contacts and data, including company and customer address, and sales information, are stored in a central database.

Customer File

Customer Dashboard

An optimized view that provides a quick indicator of the current status and key details about the customer.

360-degree customer view

Structured and chronological view of all interactions that are linked to a contact, including a display of e-mails, meetings, documents, opportunities, purchase orders or ERP data.

Proximity search

Selects addresses from a defined radius.

Email management

Automatic archiving

Archiving email campaigns sent in recipient’s folders

Success evaluation of e-mail campaigns

Extensive reporting options for opening, click, or cancellation rates, with visual representation of the success of the e-mail campaigns.

Newsletter management and unsubscribing

Journaling subscriptions and unsubscribe to the newsletter in order to update future e-mail campaigns.

Customizing e-mails without requiring programming skills

Compose and customize e-mail campaigns in HTML format for selected customer groups with Inxmail Professional


Set individual and global signatures

Scheduled sending

Send e-mails at a specific settled time.

E-mail rules

Setting rules for automatically moving and archiving in client default folders.


Customize e-mail archiving or use templates to automatically configure links and suitable participants.

Status of reference

Display current status when you send e-mails simultaneously.

Integrated e-mail client

Optional use of the e-mail client integrated in CAS CRM.

External integration of e-mail client

External integration of e-mail clients like: Microsoft Outlook®, Thunderbird or Lotus Notes.

Portals and Intranet


Personal calendar with warnings in case of overlapping with other appointments


Integrated preparing and availabilities planning for trade shows or business trips.

Online forms

Access to the online forms, such as those for improvement suggestions, and also online creation of custom forms using templates.

Absence management

Management of absence periods with overview and assessment options.

Calendar of holidays

Overview of taken, approved, rejected and planned holidays.

Holiday management

Holiday applications and approval by the manager in question; holiday rights management.

Holiday management

Holiday applications and approval by the manager in question; holiday rights management

Database of knowledge and information

Structured evidence of key documents, simple search information and also accessibility.

Birthday list

Birthday list with active notifications on home page.

Programs at organization and department levels

Access to shared calendars from other departments or the entire company.

Competencies and responsibilities searches

Search staff member with specific skills.

Personalized Home Page

Define your personal home page as "my today meetings", a news ticker, notifications or favorite views.

Noticeboard and discussion forums

At company, department, group or project level.

Employee’s gallery

View employees gallery, with details of their skills and competencies.

Company Information

Presentation of the different sections, such as departments.

Post sale support

Standard Notifications

The request initiator and the person who processes the request are notified of receiving and processing and any changes in the recorded data.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Contractual insurance of service delivery, e.g. scope, response time, processing time, product documentation of implementation and maintenance billing.

Support Rights

Information on the approved product versions and people authorized to create support requests.

Assistance Portal

Assistance portal with overview of all applications, online registration and FAQs. Clients can create new support requests and can view the status of submitted requests.

Database FAQ

Assemble processed support requests in a database of frequently asked questions. Publication of selected documents into a FAQ online portal .

Level of service calculation

Automatic or manual recording of commitment time and customer engagement time allocation for each client – subsequently or in the background.

Managing assistance requests

Manage support requests from initial contact to remedial, with programming, assigning responsible personnel, prioritization or delegation.

Registration of support requests

Filing support requests by categories of tickets; internal and external notifications based on rules, such as priority requests.

Document management


Linking documents with any data registration, such as a contact or a scheduled meeting.

Full text search

Support for full text search in all content from all documents.


Assign categories to documents such as quotes, minutes or reports.


Easy archiving of external files with drag & drop.

Versions Manager

Detailed save of documents previous versions.

Personalized letters

Compose and send personalized letters, faxes and e-mails with variable fields, merged fields and attachments.


Standardized templates that include letters, faxes and e-mails for a fast composition.

Interface with Microsoft Office®

Flexible interface to create and edit documents directly from Microsoft Office®.

Extended Document Management

Manage any document format, including PDFs, image files, Microsoft Office or CAD files.

Sale opportunities

ERP interface

Interface with ERP systems. Access to invoices, delivery notes and offers directly from CAS without having to resort to another application.

Action and notification services

Customized notifications, e.g. internal sales support notification when mobile sales force update customer file.

Competition and contacts weighting

Competition analysis based on the weighting and evaluation of competitors and contacts.

Closure probability

Sales evaluation based on automatic calculation of closing probability.

Interactive Sales Pipeline

Interactive presentation options for sales pipeline with filtering by various criteria.

Defining criteria catalogs

Create free defining catalogs, e.g. for evaluation of leads.

Proposals documentation

Develops and documents a complete offer with details about the product or funding proposals.

Offer Configurator

Automatically generates offers which incorporate options, product alternative, prices and discounts.

Defining sale steps

Defining sale methods such as "Next activity ", indicating immediate actions, such as a phone call, appointment or call-back.

Structured sale processes

Sale process definition, criteria catalogs and mapping of the sales process.


Presenting the sales process (identification of potential customers, bidding phase, closure and post sales process).

Client Dossier

Archiving of all documents and correspondence related to a customer in the customer file.

Workflow and opportunities

Execution period

Specifies an execution period for each rule, such as one day, or to be completed in a given time.

Workflow Support

Automatically triggers follow-up actions in response to an initial action, for example, a welcome e-mail or new data records when you open a new customer account.

Usual notifications

Usual rules for automatic notification. For example: if a higher discount was granted in an offer.

Mobile applications


Unidirectional and bidirectional Sync with mobile devices.

Document display

View and search all lists of documents in CAS genesisWorld. Optimized document display depending on the equipment.


Registering leads, opportunities and quotations.

Reports and Reports View

Displaying reports view and predefined reports. Display key performance indicators grouped in tables of values.

Reports View

Displaying reports view and predefined reports. Display key performance indicators grouped in tables of values

Real time access

Direct access to real-time updated data about client.

Offline access mode

Accessing key CRM data such as scheduled meetings, tasks, holidays and out of office contacts, including in offline view mode.

Easy to use information structure

Displaying calendar (team) and appointments with linked addresses; List view for a structured agenda, e.g. display after A, B and C clients.

Bidirectional data sync

Sync addresses, meetings and activity data.

Fast data introduction

Easy introduction of information such as scheduled appointments or addresses.

Centralized management of addresses

Registering any addresses, such as company, customer and sales information in a central database.

Company contacts

Entering addresses of companies / organizations.

Image integration

Add a picture to a contact.


Display and search all contacts in the system in list format.